Monday, May 5, 2008

Creature Design

I'm creating my first creature for my Animal Construction for Creature Design class. I've got some work left to do, but here's the concept and some of the developmental work.

The concept is a creature in the Antarctic that burrows under the snow, walks around on two feet, leaves behind red webbing, may or may not have white fur, leaves suction cup marks on its victims like a squid and can surgically remove a human brain. Its also capable of taking apart a human limb from limb.

After doing some research I discovered that there are types of worms that can survive there underground. I didn't like the look of them, so I started thinking about the webbing. I looked up silkworms/silkworm moths (one and the same insect) and decided to try to cross one with a polar bear (for the bipedal aspect) and then threw a squid face on it. The feelers of the long tentacles have blades on them that would be used for the surgery.

YES! it reminds me of Cthulhu, too, and I really didn't like the bear part of it. So I decided to do a redesign that was more purely based on the silkworm and its older brother the silkworm moth. Here are the fruits of that labor so far. I'll add the fur in the final version.

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jert said...

nice concepts...your getting pretty good man :-)