Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the Zoo

As promised, I'll be posting sketchbook work here on a regular basis. I'm taking a class called Animal construction and Creature design, instructed by the uber-dedicated, Shawn Crystal. Best of all, the entire class has gotten several free trips to Zoo-Atlanta for animal life drawing sessions. Here are some samples of my work from our zoo trips, starting with simple gesture drawings, on to structural analysis, and finally a little bit of fleshing out.

These King Vultures were drawn very quick and loose in ballpoint pen.

Bongos drawn with brush, something I'm really not used to sketching with.

Pencil sketches

These guys looked like a pair of burnt sausages laying in the sun.

The dragon posed beautifully for a good while.

The Rino is usually hard to capture, because he's usually either hiding or moving too much. On this particular trip he laid right down and posed for us.

I've been doing some life drawing on Monday nights at the Apache lounge. They have something called "Art Mondays" where they hire a model or two and charge a small cover to come in, soak up the tunes, and draw. I'll post some of that next time. Thanks for stopping by.


Rick Lovell said...

very nice zoo sketches...wish I could audit that class!

jert said...

good stuff, I'll have to check out the apache lounge

patbollin said...

Thanks to both of you. And you have both been added to "The Loop" my links list.

ChrisNeuenschwander said...

nice sketches pat. I've been wanting to go down there with my sketchbook one of these days...

Hannah JS Davis said...

I just had myself a good laugh with my husband about how the moment I saw your ink work of the Bongo, I knew exactly what it was before even reading the text.
That's awesome, all of your sketches are always wonderful :)

patbollin said...

Thanks Hannah! Glad to see you dropping by. I'd love to see more work on your blog too.

While I'm at it, thanks to everyone who has dropped by and made comment.