Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Challenge

Over Spring Break, Renee and I read a lot of graphic novels, including a great book from Dark Horse Comics called the Umbrella Academy, and watched the final season of Avatar together, and hung out at Panera Bakery and coffee shop around the corner from her place. I'm very lucky to have found a girl who likes a lot of the same geeky stuff as me. :)

The other day Renee mentioned that she would like to take part in the Spring Break Sketch Challenge at the Temple of Cartoon Mojo, and wanted for us to do a picture together, something we hadn't done before. So she drew us as characters from the Umbrella Academy graphic novel; Me as Space Boy with an ape body, her as The Rumor, and Pogo, the chimp, serving us coffee and soda while we read comics. This will show up on the Temple soon, but for now I wanted to post our first piece of art.

Line art by the lovely Renee Rivas with digital color art by yours truly.

This was a lot of fun and I learned a lot while trying to emulate the color style in the book.

Sadly, spring break was bitter sweet. It was sweet that I got a chance to slow down and catch up on sleep for just over a week and do a lot of reading, research and art that I've been wanting to do on my own time. Unfortunately, it was cold and wet for almost all of the break and Renee was sick with food poisoning or a terrible stomach flu of some kind (the doc didn't really know) for more than half the break. We finally got a chance to soak up some sun and relaxation together just one day before school started back. Other than that we hung out at the Panera bakery and coffee shop a lot. Mild baked goods seemed to set well in her stomach. She's back to health now, but it's also back to school.

I'm actually really excited about this quarter. I think there are lots of new discoveries and fun project waiting for me. Wish me luck.

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DougDabbs said...

Whoa! This is great! I really love seeing a collaboration from you two. Nice work Renee! And Pat, I always love seeing your colors.