Friday, September 18, 2009

Frontman Inks

Here's another inking experiment using the lead singer to a punkband for subject matter. I don't honestly know who this is. I found him on the net while doing an image search for "punk". A character I'm designing is supposed to have a similar build, so I thought I could get some great anatomy study out of this as well as inking. For the figure I started out with a small micron pen and then added some nice chunky line weights with a tiny angular/flat brush. I wanted this to be fast and energetic. For the background I used a flat bristle oil brush that separates easily when you use it for ink. I love the texture it gives. And finally I used white Holbein ink in a G-pen nib to bring some detail back and add some lighting effects. OH, and I used a white china marker on top of the white ink to give that grainy affect. This was really fun, and out of all the inking experiments I've done lately its the closest to what I'm envisioning for a comic project I'm trying out for.


Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

Wow, Pat. Looks great! this loose style of yours is growing on you.

Pat Bollin said...

Thanks man. It's taking some time, but my old, tighter stuff is starting to look strange to me now. Like someone else must have done it.

Will Appledorn said...


Reminds me of Chris Wahl's inks.

really fun, rough style. would be great for a gritty noir type story.

Pat Bollin said...

Dude, THAT is a huge compliment! Thanks! And funny you should mention a "gritty noir type story", cause that's sort of what I'm working on this style for.