Friday, August 7, 2009 Caricature

I've been participating in a thread on the for about 5 years called "Caricaturist's Caricatures". A bunch of us caricature artists post our own photos on the thread and proceed to make fun of each other with as much zest as we can. Over the years I've probably done around 60 drawings, paintings, and digital paintings of other artists for this thread, and have received as many of myself. Why? Because its incredibly fun, and the feedback and learning from rubbing elbos with so many other amazing artists is worth gold! It has been far too long since I participated in the thread, but here is my latest piece.

I tried a new (ish) technique for this: Line art done in colored Pitt brush pens, and PrismaColor Artstix for color fill. The affect looks to me to be somewhere btwn a painting and an animated cell. I like it, and want to develop it further as a much cleaner and more portable replacement for my airbrushed caricatures. Here's the link to the photo reference.


Illink said...

Hey Pat, your killin the caricatures man! They look good.

Derek Edwards said...

Fantasic likeness and very nice use of the artstix. Keep up the great work!

Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

very awesome. One of my favorites so far.