Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Resurrection Tales Page 3

I've done a ton of new art for these pages, but I'm only showing a little bit of the work here to give you a taste. I may post more after the comic comes out, but that'll be a while.

Here's page 3 fully inked. I'll probably post again when I get the color done.

In other news; School is going particularly smoothly this quarter. I chose to start doing all-nighters earlier in the quarter and try to stick to a production schedule that I came up with when I got assigned the Oni comic pages. I didn't want to end up without sleep for the last 2 weeks of the quarter like usual. Instead, I figured I would spread the all-nighters out over the quarter. So far so good. I'm probably still going to end up with one or two of them next week, but not all week long. My stress levels are much more manageable because of it. I guess I had to learn good time management eventually.

Speaking of managing time. I've spent an enormous amount of time on these comic pages. I found myself doing tight thumbnails, super tight pencils, and then tight inks. I feel like I drew something, just to draw it again a little bigger and then redrew the exact same thing in ink. It's the standard process in the industry, but that process is based on a system where two different people are doing the pencils and inks. It doesn't make sense for me to do that. Next time I do comic pages I'll be doing something much more rough and quick in the early stages, and go tighter in the final stages. The hope being that I'll hit the same quality in half the time. I'm spending up to 14 hours a day at the drawing table, 6 days a week. My goal is to produce great work, but to leave some time for a life too. My professor, Shawn Crystal, who is doing pages for Marvel Comics, has attempted a similar change in his process with fantastic results. I hope to follow in those footsteps.

The summer break is coming up after next week. It'll be almost 4 weeks long, and I'm really looking forward to the time off to catch up on other things, enjoy the sun a bit, and I'll be traveling to Charlotte at the end of June for Heroes Con. More on that later, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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Allen Spetnagel said...

An excellent use of speed lines as texture. (or vice versa)