Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Qarter / Harrison Ford Caricature

Wow! Been WAY too long since I posted something. The usual excuse... been insanely busy. I've been back in school for 3 weeks now. I'm only taking one studio class, but I overloaded myself with projects in there. In the studio classes you get to propose the projects that you want to do and it either gets approved, rejected, or modified by the professor depending on how it achieves a set of goals. I got ambitious this quarter and am scrambling to keep up with deadlines. That's cool. Keeps you in shape.

Other than that I'm doing a teaching internship with Shawn Crystal for his Visual Storytelling For Sequential Art class. I've done an inking workshop already and will also be doing a digital painting demo and a character design lecture. Later in the quarter I might be doing a presentation of writing books as they apply to sequential art. So far I've really enjoyed this experience. The opty to intern with Shawn has been great. He really lets me get involved and gives lots of great feedback and input too.

I just spent a few weeks taking a massive amount of photos of the visually diverse city of Atlanta. I'm writing a story that takes place here and felt the need to get a better handle on the look and feel of the cityscape. It was a rewarding experience in many ways. I'll post some of my favorite photos from this expedition later.

For now here's a caricature sketch of Harrison Ford to tide you over till I can get some more art up. This will be a digital painting soon, so keep checking back.

UPDATE OCT 3rd, 2008: Just added this marker drawing.

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Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

Great stuff, Pat. Keep servin'em. I also like how you broke it down, seems like you are really figuring it out in your own way.