Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

Yep! Renee and I carved a pumpkin! Sadly, its already rotted and gone, cause it only lasted about a week (we didn't preserve it properly). But it was a lot of fun to make and we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Class and my teaching internship are going great. Busy as hell, but really good.

I participated in the 24 hour art event at SCAD-Atlanta this past Friday. About 300 students from a variety of departments and doing a wide variety of projects descended on SCAD at 10AM Friday Morning, and many didn't leave till 10AM the next morning. I usually can't focus on work in such a social environment, and it probably did slow me down a bit. However, I did learn a lot about myself and my own work that day. I wrote an entire comic book in the first 6 hours that my teachers and cohorts seemed to like, I produced 2 finished comic pages and did a couple of detailed inking samples over another artist's pencils that day. That is substantially more than I thought I could really get done. It has boosted my confidence in my ability to produce under pressure. I'm going to keep trying to push the speed/quality envelope over the next several quarters. I think I can finally reach a balance of the two in my work.

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