Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Mr. Wendell

I was pleased to get a call from a repeat client last week for a caricature of a departing office manager at Bowne. Last time I worked for her I did a simple head and shoulders shot of an outgoing boss in airbrush on art paper, which is pretty much what I offered before. I don't oil paint and my experience in acrylics is limited. This time I showed her the samples of the digital painting I've been doing here on my blog and sold her on the idea of letting me produce it digitally and then print it.

This thing has a lot more detail than I usually go into for caricature portraits. It was a great opportunity to jump face first into doing more complicated pieces with perspective and environment issues, depth issues and color issues that I haven't really tackled in this medium before.

Total working time on this was well over 20 hours. Yikes! But I learned a lot and I feel like I could produce similar results in a shorter time frame now. The client was super pleased with the piece and with the process as well. I was able to send her lots of images via email to keep her posted on progress and get feedback. I'm really pleased with the process as well. I was able to complete this job and deliver the image digitally via email. Its extremely efficient and leaves little room for miscommunication. I'm going to bed now.


Allen Spetnagel said...

This is a great piece, congratulations! I only wish the client had not requested the word balloons--I think the digital painting communicates the character enough through pure visuals! Nonetheless, excellent work!

ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Looks great Pat, real clean work! one small crit. I wish the skin tones we slightly warmer. but maybe thats just my thinking. Looks great, I'm sure they were please.

Kelton Hamm said...

PAT! dude I'm loving your digital caricatures. Give me a call when you get a chance (And I'm not at Six Flags).

Oh, and dude I just started a blog myself check it out