Saturday, May 7, 2016

Legend of The White Buffalo II: Characters, Creatures, and Props

The first Legend of the White Buffalo game was a break through success for Cadillac Jack Games, and they wanted to create a follow up with new features and art. See my archives for art from the first version of this game. These are casino games that display in adult spaces, so they wanted something a bit racy for the goddess character design. I heard them loud and clear, and my have enjoyed it, too...

The Wild bison symbol frame stacks similarly to the frames in Flight of Icarus from a few posts back. The electric bison head on the right is still only concept level. The final head was created and animated in 3D for the game based off of my design. It head-butts the "glass" while electricity arches all around it, and shakes the entire frame.

Below is the final symbol with a final paint and two GIFs. The first Gif Shows the 3 head states that I painted for the animators to work with (they made it look a lot smoother than I can), and the second GIF shows around 20 stages of the digital painting process for this symbol.

Ah, object design. I love it sometimes. Below on the left, the pipe is not only a Lakota/Sioux tradition, but it shows up in the actual creation legend that surrounds the Goddess Woope and the White Buffalo. Part of the fun of what I do is learning the design language of a given culture and attempting to create an object that seems like it belongs even if it never existed. This is one of those instances. I found reference for similar items all over the web, but nothing quite like this. Additionally, casino games usually call for high value surfaces (like gold) that would traditionally never be used to make a pipe.

On the right, this particular drum never existed, but similar instruments can be found all over the web on tribal-ran sites and I simply added my own twist to something that could easily exist in the real world.

My hope is that I honor the design aesthetic of the cultures I portray in my own designs, and to learn from them. Our primary customers are Native American casino owner/operators. The Legend of the White Buffalo series of games has been fairly popular with them, so I'm hoping that means that I accomplished my goal.

All rights to this art belong to AGS: Cadillac Jack Games, an Apollo Global Management company.

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