Monday, August 24, 2015

Hammer of The Gods: Interface "Reels"

These are the original "Reels" that I designed and digitally painted for the Hammer of The Gods slot machine game in 2012. This didn't make it into the game, but I'm still pretty happy with the result. 

As you can see in this animated gif, I started with a few super rough sketches of the viking ship with a variety of options for the heads and necks. The sail, which would have acted as the reels where symbols spun past on the screen, needed to be flat to the viewer in order to serve their purpose for the interface. The rough sketches were done in photoshop on a wacom tablet.

The initial line art and flats were done in Adobe Illustrator to get that vector clean appearance. This piece was intended to exist harmoniously in a a 3D rendered environment, so I felt that it needed to be precisely rendered (even more than usual for me).

After getting the basic shapes created in Illustrator I pasted everything into Adobe Photoshop, where I added some bevel Layer FX and tweaked the colors and then added lots of texture, some from photos and some hand painted.

The final step was adding lots of painted lighting and "bling" to the metallic surfaces. If you look closely at the side surfaces you'll see that I carefully added reflected colors to make the image "belong" in the 3D environment.

I haven't really done anything like this since. I haven't worked much in Adobe Illustrator since then, for example, but bits and pieces of this process are still part of what I do every day now.

All rights to this art belong to AGS: Cadillac Jack Games, an Apollo Global Management company.

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