Monday, August 17, 2015

Hammer of The Gods: Asgard Concept Art

I had the privilege of doing the rough visual development for the environments of a slot game being produced mostly in 3D in the Unity Game Engine. The name of the game is "Hammer of The Gods". As usual, it was terrific fun doing all the research into Norse mythology and the design elements that tend to go with it... Vikings!

Back then (2012), I still started everything on paper, and here is some of the early stage stuff.


My goal was to provide the 3D modelers with plenty of information to sculpt from.

After getting some rough pencil ideas out and approved I moved onto to a piece of software I don't use very often, Adobe Illustrator, to create precise modular building designs that could be stacked and multiplied to create a variety of different buildings. The first image below is exactly what I gave to the 3D artists to build the domed towers that ended up in the final version of Asgard. 

Each of the buildings below had detailed "blueprints" like the one above.

I don't have any screenshots from the actual 3D game that I can share right now, but the game is in casinos nationwide if you happen to be the gambling sort. I'll try to drum up some screenshots before my next post from this project, which will show some cool viking buildings down on good old terra firma.

All rights to this art belong to AGS: Cadillac Jack Games, an Apollo Global Management company.

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