Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Great Gryphon: Treasure

Gold, gold, and more gold! That's something I had to get a handle on painting in order to do the art for slot machines. We do more gold than any other hard surface. Here's a sample from 2013 game, Great Gryphon, that I'm still pretty pleased with. The designs for these came from Malaysian traditional patterns and pottery. I chose Malaysian instead of European designs because my research led me to the discovery that Gryphon legends come from a broad range of locations, and I really wanted to do something different with the designs. 

In 2013 I was still doing a lot of my rough designs on paper. I still love paper and other traditional media, but after we got Cintiqs at work it just got so much simpler to do all work in the computer.

The process for this piece was mostly "line art and color fill", similar to the process used for coloring comics or even cell shading in animation. Those coins actually came from a "coin system" that I created for a previous project, which, come to think of it, I should have posted before this one. Next, I'll post work from the Goddess of the Hunt

What do you think of the work I've been posting? Does the process stuff interest you, or would you prefer to only see the final product? Thanks for reading.

All rights to this art belong to AGS: Cadillac Jack Games, an Apollo Global Management company.

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