Monday, August 24, 2015

Great Gryphon: Landscape Digital Painting

This is the color concept of the background for a game called Great Gryphon that I worked on in 2013. I did a bit of photo-bashing for the sky, but the rest was straight to color with textured brushes in Photoshop. Like the rest of the art I do for these games this is part of an interface design, so the big  "holes" in the composition were intentionally left open for collateral like logos. Also, an animated 3D gryphon is perched on the platform in the lower left hand side in the final version of the game. 

I love painting dramatic scenes like this. The photo sky has been totally replaced with a painted sky, and all of the textures and lighting have been addressed.

All rights to this art belong to AGS: Cadillac Jack Games, an Apollo Global Management company.

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