Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hades Desire Background

Unfortunately, I can't show my work for Cadillac Jack until the games have been released. This means that I can't show my work on a game for as much as a year or more after I've done the art. Thankfully, I've been at Cadillac Jack long enough for some of my games to have been released, and I can show some of the work.

I was the second artist on Hades' Desire   which means that I didn't really concept it, but I did some of the finished art for it. The incredibly talented David Bonilla  did the concept art for the following image. The first image was his, and the finish paints were mine. This is meant to be a vision of a Romanesque underworld. Basically a backdrop for animated logo text and figures.

Here are a couple of animations. This first one is a simple transition from concept to final paints. 

This second one shows all the different layers of objects that I painted in that weren't in the initial concept and gave the animators something more to play with. I don't have those animations, but they did lighting affects, floating particles, water movement, and tree/leaf movement between the objects.

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Benjamin Leavitt said...

SIIICK! I gotta get back into backgrounds!
Awesome work Mr B!