Saturday, April 17, 2010

Under the Influence

My comic work has taken on a very different look lately, and I've been asked by a lot of people who my influences are and/or "who have you been looking at". It's a very reasonable question considering how often artists imitate other artists rather than imitating life. I'm no exception. I have been making an effort to draw from life more often these days, and I'm really enjoying that. But the real change in my inked work started happening after I started looking at the work of several artists who have a certain freedom (and sometimes a grit) to their work that I recognized as being missing from my own.

I would say that this trend began over a year ago when I started looking at the amazing work of Mr Sean Gordon Murphy, then Goran Parlov, Guy Davis, and then a host of others. Not to be missed, would be the huge influence of my own friend and classmate, Doug Dabbs, who's inking style would be more akin to painting than the usual lines of comic books. The following is a list of many of the influences (and their web pages) who have impacted the direction my work has taken. There were MANY before these, and maybe I'll post more of them some day, but these are the ones whom I look at every single day to inform my current work.

Sean Murphy

Goran Parlov

Guy Davis

Jorge Zaffino

Eric Canete

Doug Dabbs

Sean Phillips

Chris Samnee

Brian Hurtt

Cameron Stewart

Ashley Wood
*Google him. Sadly, I haven't found a lot of his black and white inked work online. I have a small stack of his comics that I look at all the time, though.

Toby Cypress

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